He Hates: Guardians of the Galaxy

For this episode Alex Daniels returns to discuss an unexpected juggernaut, Guardians of the Galaxy.

Anatole speaks to how this film is an incredible anomaly, elevating a virtually unknown Marvel property into the stratosphere. For him, this achievement marks the film as exceptional in quality and execution. It is proof that superhero movies do not have to rely on embedded cultural figures to please audiences and provide quality entertainment.

Nathan comes into this movie not loathing it, but not loving it either. For him, it is an entertaining affair, but hardly anything more. He and Alex question whether this film’s success was so peculiar to begin with. Perhaps all the puzzle pieces were in place to make it a blockbuster regardless of the property’s obscurity.

This is a discussion worth having with a sequel to this movie coming around the corner this summer. Join us for a look back at this entry into the Marvel canon and take note of the individual elements our hosts and guest bring up. Will director James Gunn return to the well for the next installment, or will he try some further plays out of left field? Wait, maybe those moves were not revolutionary at all? Better listen and decide for yourself.

This is an episode where no two people in the conversation can agree on everything, but often find common ground on a variety of topics. We hope you enjoy it!