Anatole is a huge fan of superhero movies. He's loved superheroes in almost all forms, from comics to video games to TV shows. He has been absolutely thrilled at the tremendous jump in quality and success of superhero movies since Marvel Studios exploded onto the scene with Iron Man in 2008. 

Nathan, however, is not thrilled with superhero movies. Quite the opposite, in fact.

He hates superhero movies.

Nathan is a fan of the classics. New Cinema hits from the 1970s, tiny experimental dramas, and standalone box office successes like the Back to the Future films are some of his favorite genres. And they're in danger of extinction due to the success of superhero films. 

But superhero films show no sign of stopping.

In this podcast, Anatole tries to convince Nathan about the merits of superhero movies, one film at a time. They'll be covering every superhero movie, discussing it with a critical lens, and trying to get Nathan to like them just a little bit more. Sometimes Anatole will succeed. Sometimes he'll hate something more than Nathan. But they'll always have a great, spirited debate because above all, they are both nerds and film fans.

The Time Is Now

Superhero movies have always been around, especially since 2008. Big budget events like Spider-ManX-Men, and The Avengers have set box office records and even won acclaim from critics and moviegoers alike. 

But with success of superhero movies has come the near downfall of everything else. Studios have been funding these films while ignoring dramas and anything that's not a special-effects laden extravaganza. Films like 12 Years a Slave or even Spotlight are being produced less frequently and only after struggling to make the case for their existence.

That's why this podcast is happening now. 

Join Nathan and Anatole as they battle over every superhero movie in their quest to answer some burning questions: Are superhero movies a good thing? Are they a danger to the spectrum of films? And how do we make more different types of movies?

Nathan hates superhero movies. Do you?